Heat Massage

315a Brockley Road



United Kingdom


The following are the standard services offered, but please feel free to discuss your specific needs, including the style and duration of massage you would prefer.

Our massage suite is self-contained, clean, warm and relaxing, with high quality equipment and its own en-suite bathroom, for your use. Water, tea and fresh towels are provided.

Please note that we offer 20% 'off peak' discounts for massage services taken during the daytime Monday-Wednesday

·         Traditional Chinese Full Body Massage (1 hour): £50  (£40 Mon-Wed up to 17.00)

A full body massage, normally undertaken in your own clothes through a linen sheet. This massage includes work on head, neck, back, arms, fingers, buttocks, legs and feet using a combination of styles to release tension and improve circulation. If required, the massage can be accompanied by cupping and other non invasive Chinese medicine treatments to accelerate recovery. Normally this is quite a deep style of massage but can be adapted to suit your preferences.

·         Oil Relaxation Massage (1 hour): £50   (£40 Mon-Wed up to 17.00)

A full body massage designed to relax you and bring calm. This massage uses essential oils and gentle techniques to relax your whole body, and is perfect to reduce stress and tension. Disposable pants are provided to protect your clothing

·          Sports/Deep Tissue Massage (1 hour): £50   (£40 Mon-Wed up to 17.00)

A preventative/restorative body treatment designed to reduce pain, targeting muscle tension and restoring flexibility. This is particularly suitable for sports injuries, and can be undertaken with oil or in the traditional Chinese style.

·         Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage (30 mins.): £30   (£24 Mon-Wed up to 17.00)

A shorter massage considered particularly helpful for those who suffer from tension headaches, eye strain, migraines, sinusitis, and neck pain.

·         Head, Neck & Back Massage (1 Hour): £50   (£40 Mon-Wed up to 17.00)

A longer massage specifically designed for those that suffer with some degree of back ache/pain, and wish this to be targeted.

·         Women’s Breast [& Stomach] Massage (1 Hour): £50   (£40 Mon-Wed up to 17.00)

This is a traditional Chinese practise to target benign breast conditions, by improving the circulation and reducing abnormalities in ducts and lobules (lumps). It can also include massage to the stomach and gut to improve general intestinal health.

·         Baby Massage (30 min.): £25

A very gentle general massage enjoyed by babies and specifically designed to relax them and bring calm.

Please note: Concessions are also available for senior citizens (over 60) and students